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August Firsts
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Bah! Where has the first third of September gone? Sucked into Azeroth I guess.

Anyway, new Kelley pics at her web site; this set includes her first birthday party, walking, shoes, magnets, and more.

What's going on these days?

- I'm a good way through my first week alone with Baby. Shelley's in Boston for work, so this is also her first time away from Kelley. We all seem to be doing fine. Kelley has cooperated fully, sleeping entirely through the nights so far. At least as far as I know. If she's waking up and crying and I'm not hearing it, she's not showing it in the morning - she's a happy baby.

- Got my bike into the shop to have them look for and fix the source of a creaking sound that's been most annoying. They say they found it and preliminary indications confirm that. If this silences the bike that will be most welcome.

- Someone I know at UCLA forwarded me a job posting from there. Looks good. I applied. We'll see. I have a gut feeling it won't go further, however.

- Nothing exciting at work. See point above.

- Plane tickets obtained for Thanksgiving in Texas. Working on arrangements for a week in upstate New York in late October (I have a conference and will tack on a couple days for vacation with the girls who will go out as well.)

Well, here's to Kelly sleeping another night through!

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