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Over the past month our so, our online gaming group has more than doubled in size, which means that almost every night at least a dozen of us are playing together no matter whether we're east coast, west coast, or somewhere in between.

Some of our new people are just starting out with the game whereas others have been playing for a while and either starting new characters with our group or transferring from elsewhere (or both).

We may have a couple more people joining us soon. It builds on itself... if each person brings in one friend and they each bring in one friend... we soon have a significant group of peeps to play with.

It's exciting to have some many people sharing a common interest and even better that somehow we know each other - or know someone who does - in the real world. This is no arbitrary group but one made of friends who want to share their passion with other friends.

We also have a newly designed tabard that I send out to all the new people as a welcome gesture. Soon we'll all get together in-world for a party and some photo ops. Before long we'll be able to form raiding parties for the toughter areas of the world without needing help from strangers.

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