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A Picture's Worth 1,000 Calories
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Kenny just sent me a link to the amazing new HP slimming cameras. Yes, it's true. Take a picture... take 10 pounds off your subject.

Anyone for a betting pool on which features HP's competitors come up with to top this?

Personally I'll wager on new cameras that automatically remove age wrinkles and others that turn grey hair dark.

Why settle for just removing space when you can also remove time?!

And for you porn stars out there, look forward to cameras that reverse HP's technology to selectively enlarge the naughty bits.

Another down the pike is sure to do away with baldness.

Playing in the background right now is "Into the West," the final track to the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. It still chokes me up. This is the fourth time in a row I've listened to it just now. Make that the fifth.

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