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I love my baby something fierce! All these recent school shootings drive that home and make me fear for her in the future.

Some of her latest, um, activities:

Helping get the mail from the mailbox. I carry her down and hold her so that she can open the box and take a piece of mail out and carry it up for Mommy.

Watching lights go on and off. Especially the one just inside the backdoor. Also the one in her room where we spent 15 minutes the other day with her trying to learn the up/down of the light switch and what it made happen with the light. She picked it up immediately but had problems with the switch. She'd alway press it the way she just had rather than the opposite. Lightswitch skill needs work.

Playing with Nimitz. She loves to tease the cat with the "cat dancer" (the wire with bits of cardboard on the end). This is her first chore now: I give her the wire and tell her to play with the kitty and she does. No batteries required! (Nor allowance, either, not yet :-)

Clanging the chimes. She loves to be held up so that she can pull the wind-catcher part of the bamboo chimes we have in the breezeway and the same for the copper one. Unfortunately she doesn't get much practice at that because it's hard to hold a baby up at the end of your arms when they're about a 30-degree angle in font of you! Maybe we should lower them so she can stand there and make her own music.

September pics

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