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They Pwned Kenny!
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At the risk of losing cred in the eyes of my peeps, I'll cop to never having seen an episode of South Park until last night. (The show's known for always having the line "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!")

It's an animated Comedy Central show that never appealed to me. Still doesn't, frankly, even though they've made serious fun of some topics that truly deserve scorn, like Scientology. Last night they based the show on World of Warcraft.

Overall they did a good job, if you ignore one or two of the major premises that just don't apply to the game, like killing characters permanently or uploading weapons from flash drives. Still, I found it amusing, but it didn't make me want to continue watching South Park.

We then watched the season premiere of Lost. It continues to intrigue for some strange reason. I guess it's just that the characters are compelling, because really it does go in so many directions that one has to wonder what the writers are on, and where can one get some.

And in other news...

Time for the cycling jacket and leg warmers! This morning it was only 48 F outside, not counting wind on the bike, but I'd rather have that than 100-degree days like we had up until the end of August. September's been good too, mild in both morning and afternoon.

We often had strange skies last month, with a large fire burning up north and the wind blowing this way with a lot of particulate matter up high, occasionlly carrying the smell of smoke.

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