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We boarded school buses for a trip over to the Rochester Museum and Science Center for dinner, a planetarium show, and a scavenger hunt. I haven't been on a school bus in a really, really long time and not to a planetarium in even longer.

I must say that this conference has been pretty cool. I hope to be able to return next year. Having quite a few people from Cornell here means common background with many others in attendance, but I did meet someone from another CSU as well. Many of the presentations have been under my head, however, so I'm thinking of presenting next year instead of just simply attending.

One aspect unique to this conference, in my experience, is the way they re-present the best of each "track" of presentations. (The conference offers multiple simultaneous subjects - tracks - such as technical, marketing, design, etc., meaning you have to pick and choose what to attend each hour.) As always, conference organizers distribute feedback forms for every single presentation.

They compile the results for the first two days' worth, then have the best presenters / topics repeated on the third day. That way if you missed what turned out to be a well-done session because you chose to attend something else you get a second change to catch something that turned out to be well worth attending. If you happened to attend what turned out to be the best presentations or are not interested then you get to leave early or network some more.

All the food except for dinner last night is covered by the conference fee - nice! - so most of the Cornell contingent walked over to the Dinosaur Bar-B-Q restaurant (an upstate two-location establishment). Wow, what a meal! It's reason enough to come back next year.

While there I ordered an interesting-sounding mixed drink: half-baked apple cider. Apparently, if I heard and remember correctly, it's concocted from apple and caramel vodkas, plus butterscotch snapps; it was served over ice cubes, which were sprinkled with cinnamon. Heavvvvven!!

Oh yeah - a few snow flurries fell too!


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