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Tonight I was supposed to go to Kenny and Rainbow's wedding down in Santa Monica. However, I can't stand the thought of being all dressed up in armor etc. amongst the party-goers while sneezing and coughing and blowing my nose. I certainly would not want someone like that at any such gathering of my own. Thus, Shelley and Kelley have gone down without me.

I'll stay here at home in the dark and sneeze on any trick-or-treaters who come by our place. They'll get a trick that they'll remember. And it'll be my treat :-)

We finally got our Internet back. It went out the day before we departed for New York. We figured it was caused by the transition from Comcast to Time-Warner and all would be well on our return. But no, of course not.

We called as soon as we found it still non-operational only to be told that someone would have to come out to look at it. On the 8th! That really put me in a foul mood. The next day we did some research from work and called them a couple more times in the evening, hoping to get a clueful person at TW, but didn't manage to get back online. They did suggest we take the cable modem down to the local office for testing, though, or possibly get the service call moved forward.

Staying home sick today, after sleeping in, I took our modem down to the office. Of course there was no one there to test it but I did come back with one of their modems to use instead of ours. It worked like a charm.

It still drives me nuts thinking about the first TW idiot who tried to convince me that the problem was not related to the company transition on the 20th. If only we could get DSL. I so HATE companies that do this kind of thing / hire such idiots / refuse to believe it's their fault and not the customer's.

PS. Happy Birthday to Zero the Wonder Dog!

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