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Not much going on these days, and was about to say as much, but we received an interesting voicemail this morning at the college.

It's from a woman who claims to have been trying for a year to unsubscribe from our monthly newsletter. She threatens to sue several of us - whom she names by name - as well as anyone in the future who puts an "ad" in the newsletter if she gets in next month. (It has no ads, just paragraph articles about new programs, etc.)

One of the people she names individually is me - I don't know where she got my name, possibly from our web site - so that's a bit disturbing, but not that much.

Of course we immediately took her off our list and put her on the permanent do-not-send one. I then signed up for a free trial account of the type she uses. I discovered that our unsubscribe link does not in fact work on that system although it does work on all other ones tested. The problem is that won't put the coded subject line into the email subject line but instead keeps it as part of the address when the message to unsubscribe is created.

So we have her using a substandard mail program in the first place, but she also claims to have written directly to the newsletter author to be removed but if she did the message was never received.

At least she didn't threaten physical harm with a baseball bat like that one professor did back at Cornell when the HelpDesk didn't get back to him as fast as he wanted. In that case we had his campus phone number because he forgot or didn't realize that our voicemail records it, so even without him leaving his name we could go pay him a personal visit, which management did.

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