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Quite a good weekend, starting with Friday's online gaming in WoW with a bunch of guildies (including one who's not been around in quite a while) going through Dire Maul completing a number of quests.

Got a lot of Flattops programming done on Saturday morning, then 100% baby time while Shelley took some time to network. Drove down to Larry's for face-to-face boardgaming and learned how to play Rum & Pirates, which is worth a least a few more tries. I'm concerned that it might grow stale quickly, but on the other hand it seems to offer a number of areas that could benefit from an expansion kit and would not be surprised to see one published.

Pretty much the same on Sunday with some programming and baby time. Bopped into WoW-land for just a little while during Kelley's nap and happened to find a group looking for extras to help with one of the toughest dragons in the game. She goes by the name of Onyxia. Our group of 33 people took her down with no problem at all and Myzythra won a nice purple trinket for her time there. I'm gonna try to do this every week - this good group took minimal time to take her down, hardly losing a soul during the fight.

Not too many people at volleyball - only 13 - but a good time there tonight with a decent level of competition and constant mixing of teams to eliminate repetitive match outcomes. Two Advil when returning home should reduce the certain leg-muscle soreness that will appear Tuesday.

Kelley has this new "trick" she does. If you're sitting cross-legged on the floor, she'll go get one of her books and start bringing it back for you to read. She'll then stop about two feet away and turn around, then back into you and sit in your lap to hear you read the book. It's perfectly adorable!

She also likes to go outside, over near the garage where we have a couple of old wheeled office chairs in the breezeway, and get into them to be pushed around on the long cement walkway that runs along the back of the house. It's her "whee" time and that's the word she uses to ask for this activity. She's certainly developing a vocabulary - both spoken and signed - although it often takes a trained ear to know what she's saying.

Myz's first successful Onyxia kill.

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