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Prepare To Be Grappled!
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Have you tried the latest novely fruit, the grape-flavored apple? Called the Grapple, I must say it's quite tasty! It's not a genetically modified apple, just one that's injected with concentrated grape flavor (one of my favorites). Do you know the others? (Post a comment with your answers for the top four.)

Shelley found a 4-pack in our local grocery store and brought them home to try. Why some company believes the world wants such a radically differnt flavor of apple is beyond me, but if you see them I do recommend them. They're delicious but expensive compared to normal apples.

On the other hand, if you see wasabi cheese you might want to pass it by. We got some at a 2-for-1 sale and I'm still using it in toasted-cheese sandwiches months later. There's nothing wrong with it. Not a whole lot of wasabi flavor, hardly any really, so disappointing.

On the other, other hand, do buy up Gatsby Red wine if you find it, from Duckwalk Vineyards. It's about middle-of-the-road on the sweetness scale but has a little bit of spiciness in its blend that makes for an excellent glass of wine. It's the best bottle to come along in the New York wine-of-the-month club Shelley started me on a year ago.

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