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Flyer and Fryer
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Yesterday's LAX airport experience will be one to remember. Not for how bad it was - because it wasn't!

We expected huge number of people and cars and lines and delays and all that kind of thing, it being the busiest travel day of the year. But not so. Our shuttle bus drove up to the terminal and dropped us off. We walked straight into the security machine. No lines. No waiting. No traffic. Freaky, really. There was not even a line at the Southwest terminal, which was unprecedented.

It'll also be memorable for a special arrival in the same terminal used for our plane. Namely, Flyer and Fryer came by. These are the turkeys that the president pardoned in the annual ceremony. They flew first-class out here in transit to Disneyland, where I understand they are to preside over a parade and then live happily until some homeless person finds their roost.

Their deplaning was covered by various media crews with lots of lights drawing a big crowd. They were carted through in a big animal crate and cheered as they went. Before we knew what the hullabaloo was about, Shelley asked a gate attendant who said a couple turkeys were coming through. Shelley thought maybe they meant people... until the crate appeared.

Kelley didn't sleep well on the plane but otherwise the flight turned out fine.

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