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We Have a Tree
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Our weekend passed in the usual manner...

- WoWing on Friday night (the Angels ran two partial instances of Scholomance simultaneously)

- Coding FF Saturday morning (closed a couple loopholes players found)

- Boardgaming in the evening (a new game called Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean as well as Draco &. Co.)

- Babysitting Sunday morning (while mommy created baby videos)

- WoWing on Sunday afternoon (Zul'Gurub PUG that didn't get too far)

- Playing volleyball Sunday evening (just right: 12 people showed up)

Except we went down to Lowe's Saturday afternoon and bought our Christmas tree. Earliest. Tree. Ever.

Last year we got ours on Christmas Eve, so it was pretty cheap, but the poor thing was literally, IIRC, the last one they had.

At the moment it has a few lights on it but no glass ornaments or other danglies. We wanted to see how Kelley and Nimitz take it in. Kelley helped with putting on a strand of lights but otherwise has spent far more time going in and out and between posts on the now-accessible entry-way banister than attending to the tree. Nimitz has not been spotted anywhere near the tree. I guess they are both waiting for us to make it more interesting.

Shelley has also decked out our patio with garlands, red and white lights, flowers and poinsettias. She also found these cool rubbery-crystally snowflake window stickies for the big glass door. The refract the lights outside nicely.

Kelley and Shelley lightin' up a tree!

Some of the "gel" snowflakes applied to our patio door. (Our tree is reflected in the glass; the other lights adorn the patio.)

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