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We're off to Clovis (a few hours north) this evening to help our friend Vince ring in his 40th trip around the sun. We plan to be back tomorrow afternoon. Forecast calls for a good chance of evening rain and more on Sunday morning. It would be nice, maybe make it seem more like December around here.

Back on the bike after a forced week off, with flat tires and lack of - or problems with - spare tubes, or getting them fixed. The self-sealing tubes are nice but they don't always work and when they don't they make a gooey mess.

The newest upgrade to World of Warcraft brought in some nice surprises this week. The new looking-for-group tool isn't as useful as hoped. They should go back to a world-wide chat channel but allow posting to it only through an interface tool (with cooldown time), so that we get the best of both approaches. Namely, the ability to watch for a group passively and an elimination of irrelevant messages and too-frequent posts.

MUST get on with the Shoals virtual tour next week as well as complete the revisions of my online game to move it along to full Ajax implementation. It's hard maintaining two versions at the same time. Got a pair of 400GB drives on sale at Fry's for our massive media projects (baby vids and panorama files, now gotta put them to use).

Forgot to mention a funny baby thing. We were watching a comedian on DVD the other day. He would tell a joke and people would applaud. Then Kelley started clapping too, when the audience did. It was endearing to see her do that.

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