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A Special Tree
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We arrived back at home ahead of the rain, driving back down from Clovis after delivering birthday wishes and a present from England to Vince.

Kelley showed quite a bit of interest in their Christmas tree ornaments, leading us to decide that plastic might be better than glass this year. Thus, we drove over to Stat's in Pasadena to shop for some, figuring that if anyone has them, they will. No joy, though, despite their humongous selection of decorations for all styles of tree, from Victorian to modern.

However, one wonderful item stood out amongst their holiday offerings: an upside-down Christmas tree. Yeah, it's artificial but it's a really cool idea! With just the tip on the floor and all the widest branches up top there a ton of space on the floor for gifts, even really big ones.

Of course it looks rather silly at first... but I'm tempted to try it with a real tree next year. Not sure what to do about watering it though. Maybe get it later rather than earlier and just let it go without.

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