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New Year, New Boss
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My boss has decided to pass me down to one of the other college managers, the one in charge of things technical. This would be the same woman that I nominally worked for in my previous position, and I know and like her, so it's not too big of a deal for me. It does make sense overall.

Unfortunately it's very probable that I shall lose my current office, which I quite like, although it's hard to say when that may happen. My boss has made it quite clear that my hiring agreement will continue to apply so I'll end up with another windowed office but it's not likely to be as comfortable or nice as my current one.

This change of reporting and office space was not unforseen and it's therefore not a shock. It might even mean more personal interaction with other staff, something that's pretty lacking right now.

The reporting change takes effect in 2007. Not sure about an office change. That depends on other hiring and adjusting current working spaces of other people. I'm not going to start working on any stained glass for my office at this point, though.

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