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Side-chair Motorcycle
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Saw the coolest thing on the way home tonight: a guy *in* a wheelchair driving a motorcycle.

Essentially he had a side-car motorcyle, but the side-car part was a large box that held him sitting in his full-size wheelchair. He worked the motorcycle steering bar and controls from his wheelchair, so I guess it's really a modified set-up rather than a normal side-car one, not that it matters.

I didn't get a good enough look to see whether side-car raised and lowered so he could just push his wheelchair on, or whether he might have been able to just lift himself and his chair into the box, which was open on the back. I imagine he had some kind of belt or other device to keep him secured in there.

This contraption might not be so useful in the rain and snow but that doesn't matter around here much. It would certainly get better mileage than most vans and other large vehicles usually driven by chair-bound people.

It's certainly attention-getting once you realize what you're looking at!

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