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Best Panoramas from 2006
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Like last December, the World Wide Panorama organizers let panographers submit their best work for the winter solstice collection this year.

Personally, I found it hard to choose between panoramas shot at Shoals and others shot in England during the summer. I finally went with a Shoals one, taken from the top of the lone tower on the island.

Appledore Island

Of the 360+ panoramas submitted, here are my favorites; all links open in full-screen mode. To read more about any given panorama, click its link at the bottom of the big window that opens. Some of these have sound. All are worth a look. The list is alphabetical by photographer (I did not want to further prioritize them).

Southport Dunes
Lovely lighting across a serene, empty place.

In Between the Fireworks
Shot from the top of a tower, at night, amongst a fireworks display.

Gift Shop in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Very crowded small shop hard to photograph any other way.

Valley View
Ah, Yosemite! One of several vast landscape panoramas that make the cut for me.

Art of Living Silver Jubilee
A huge gathering of Indians; check out the massed sitar players.

Crummock Water
A gorgeous English landscape.

Nice be-there shot of a French garden, with flowers and stone buildings.

Throne Room
A very decorated Korean building.

Cape Ferret Lighthouse
Nice view from the top of a lighthouse - see the light itself very close-up and personal.

The Siq
Most shots of Petra show the carved caves. This one is a different take. Check out the worn steps from uncounted years' of use.

Piyung Pass
A great barren mountain view taken in Nepal.

Hera's Temple
A nice ancient temple. With a nice view.

Wartburg Palace
Look at all that forest below this rock-perched castle.

Exeter College Chapel and Choir
Love the carvings in old cathedrals; also some decent stained glass.

Portable Shrine in Fundoshi Style
Many near-naked Japanese men carrying shrines in a parade; good crowd shot.

Sailing on the Schooner Friendship Rose
Be sure to look up for a feeling of vertigo.

Welcoming Godzilla
Monster attack! Run for it!

Northern Lights above Polish Polar Station
Never seen a panorama of the Aurora Borealis before. Very nice.

High Sky Above Pyoung-Chang on Paraglider
One of those "how on earth did he shoot that one?" aerial takes.

Cherry Blossoms at Kawazu
I would like to see a cherry blossom spectacular like this in person.

Bronneger Dolmen
The remain of an ancient European tomb; originally a pile of earth covered these stones and its burial.

Blakeney Rapids at Full Moon
Nice water-scape shot under a full moon.

A Lake, a Board and Me
Using a kit identical to mine, this guy made a superb panorama of himself on a paddle-board in the middle of a lake. I need to know how he did it.

Traditional Music Session at O'Brien's Pub
My kind of pub and pub music.

At the Fireplace in the 17th Century
A nice historic building from Europe.

Schooner Lois McClure
Another nice boating shot; water panoramas are particularly challenging technically.

Majorka l'hiver
Great seascape and rocky island views.

DeVoto Grove
Ferns and forest: my kind of place.

Small Christmas Crib
A micro-panorama shot inside a Nativity scene.

Oyster Fisherman
Interesting subject matter and composition.

Village in Lesotho
One of a very few panoramas I've seen from Africa (not counting Egypt).

Inside a Narrow Gorge
A nice old-timish effect applied to this composition.

Tolsta Bay
A seaside scene on a Scottish island with full rainbow and threatening sky.

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