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Many congratulations to my brother-in-law Paul R. Smith, esq. who completed his first marathon!

Why would he do such a thing? As an excuse to get to Disneyworld, of course, given that's where the race was held! I think there are easier ways to accomplish that, but hey, to each his own. (Just don't come running to me when your feet and legs hurt, Bro.)

The big questions now that he's run 26+ miles in one go are: how long will it take him to reach level 61; and will he forgo his mount to do it?

And in other news...

My mom came down from snowy Idaho for a long weekend. She bought us solar-powered lights for the raised garden beds.

Kelley was not well (fever, etc.) for a couple days most likely because she's becoming an alligator.

We had Jenn, and Andy and Danielle over for boardgaming (it's good to be meeting some new folks with shared interests outside WoW).

Hardly any WoW for me but lucked out for my hour online and won Onyxia's Backpack on Sunday against 31 other people in a regular group that kills her quickly every time.

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