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Look Ma, No Buttons!
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Apple's long-anticipated iPod + cellphone combo debuted today: the iPhone. No buttons - pure touchscreen.

It looks pretty cool and I'll consider getting one once they become available in June. They work only on Cingular and require a two-year contract, however, which puts me right off. So I may not get one, especially if Cingular coverage does not reach our house.

Shelley and I had a great time IMing each other as live web feeds reported on the announcements at the MacWorld show in San Francisco. About half-way through the presentation we took shots at guessing the price. I hit it *exactly* with my $499 bet.

Shortly after the iPhone became a reality, I decided to double our number of Apple shares. If you look at their stock chart for today, you'll see a big trough between the time Jobs announced the AppleTV and the time he brought out the iPhone. That's exactly when we bought.

That sudden drop seems very strange to me, as if someone sold a huge batch of stocks thinking that there was no iPhone because Jobs started the show with AppleTV. Well, their loss. And they should know better. Steve always saves the best for last in his presentations.

Why more Apple stock even if I may not buy iPhone for myself?

Because of a typical sentiment posted on a web page talking about new iPhones: "If I could have babies with that thing, I would in a heartbeat."

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