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Shelley Go Bragh!
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Yay for birthdays! Shelley's started off this morning with a puzzle. She had to put a set of 12 two-part clues together to tell her where to find her presents that I had hidden around the house on Wednesday.

Most were in plain view (!) like one in the wine rack or one on the shelf by our DVDs, but others were more hidden like the one under the lawnmower or the one in the little locked cubby cabinet right next to her computer.

Her dozen presents were identical: bottles of Gatsby Red that she likes quite a bit. After she found them all we drove over for donuts and shopping but lost track of time shopping for a cute St. Patrick's Day outfit for Kelley.

We got back home late for a surprise party in WoW-land but not late enough for a good deal of virtual dancing and merry-making with flares, fireworks, tonks, and many presents from a ton of guild members both past and current. Oh, and dragon killing. Can't have a decent birthday party without slaying a dragon or two, even if sometimes the dragons win.

In the evening we took ourselves down to Larry's for an excellent five-player game of Caylus, which I won, and a new game called Leonardo Da Vinci, which requires more play for a more solid opinion. We brought along my homemade green birthday cake and ingredients for Irish Flags too. Yum!

Happy Birthday, Love!

(On the way back home after midnight we stopped at a *just happened* multi-car wreck on the freeway so Shelley could put her emergency training to use but apparently no one needed so much as a first aid kit. Whew.)

Despite searching all around our DVDs for 20-some minutes, the wine bottle remained unnoticed until specific hints were provided. That doesn't count all the time since Wednesday afternoon when it was placed there in plain view. (This photo was taken before it was found just for entertainment value :-)

Shelley likes her Gatsby Red!

All dressed up to sit in her very own new chair!

Party atop the Twin Colossals!

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