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Another Reason to Love the Web
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Sometimes government can get it together enough to build useful things. My new favorite local onesuch is the online pothole-fix request page!

Two, actually:

LA City Bureau of Street Services

LA Dept. of Public Works

Two weeks ago I used the LADWP site (then the other one after LADWP said "that's not our street, try LA City instead") to place a request to fill in two large and growing potholes that were on the same street, right on the margin where I cycle. Both received attention in about three days so I'm no longer forced into traffic by them.

These two particular potholes appeared in January after some rains and grew quickly. I knew one could phone in fill requests but I'll take a web form any day over a phone call.

I also used the form on the same day to request street repairs for a different road that has quite a few nasty cracks in it and some significant rough areas that put me into traffic needlessly.

I'm a lot less optimistic they'll fix that but I did notice some of the cracks have very recently been filled in so there may be hope for the rest. If they don't receive attention I'll try again.

These web sites can also be used to request street sweeping, tree trimming, all that kind of thing.

Yay for the Interwebs!

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