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February Baby Pics
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For those of you who may have missed my earlier discussion, I've stopped putting Kelley's photos on her own web site and am instead now putting them on Flickr.

I ran out of space on my ISP host where her account resides but my "Pro" account on Flickr allows me to upload an unlimited number of images *in full resolution* so viewers can download and print them, etc. Flickr also allows friends and family to comment on pictures, unlike the photo album I had been using.

Anyway, if you want to be able to access Kelley's pictures on Flickr, send me your email address and I'll generate a Flickr invitation for you that will tag you as friend or family and grant viewing and commenting privileges.

I had hoped Flickr would be easier to use than my former software - and it mostly is - but I was frustrated by having to continue to rotate my images in Photoshop first in order to decide which ones to upload into Flickr, and then rotate them all again there.

That problem is solved, now, because I've found and enabled the control on my camera that performs automatic orientation sensing and coding, so no more of having to rotate them manually in either Photoshop or Flickr! Yay!

Thus, I promise that March's set will be up mcuh faster than the past couple of months.

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