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World's Largest Flowering Plant
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We had a picture-perfect day in Sierra Madre yesterday visiting the annual wistaria festival. It's been a few years since we last attended and we would not likely have gone this year given Shelley's vine's results in our own yard, but I wanted to photograph the huge vine there for this spring's Worldwide Panorama shoot.

According to the guide, last year rain knocked off all the purple and white blossoms so they (the guides) had to show people pictures of the vine from better years given that the festival is scheduled far in advance of knowing the weather. Yesterday, however, caught it in full bloom under rather pleasant conditions: sunny, cool, breezy.

Although the vine can be seen throughout the day, I bought tickets for the noon hour in order to try for best photography conditions. Silly me for not considering Kelley's normal nap schedule! She uttered nary a complaint, though, despite all the unusual activities of seeing the vine and accompanying us as we enjoyed the arts and crafts and food booths in town. She really enjoyed a little yarn tiger marionette we bought her.

She promply fell asleep on the way home and we had a couple rough hours later during the day, but I'll take all the blame for her miserableness. All's well that ends well, though: she hit the sack at the normal time and slept the night through.

That meant we could watch Eragon, a high-fantasy dragon movie. Not bad at all, great effects! Definitely recommended.

We can have our own wistaria festival!

Too bad the Interwebs don't carry fragrances too well yet.

Purple and white = pretty!

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