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Over the past couple of months Baby has surprised us with a few things related to watching TV / movies.

A while back she apparently spontaneously said "bye bye" to the screen and waved. We finally realized why: on the screen the camera was following someone riding a bicycle. At that point I was always leaving the house first (on my bike) and so she would see me riding away on it as we said "bye bye" to each other and blew kisses. Nevermind that the bike on the screen was being pedalled by a black kid through African scrub, she still translated.

Kelley also quickly and regularly recognizes real horses (both singularly or in herds, with or without riders) - and more recently cows too - on the screen and says either "giddyup" or "moo" as the case may be.

Further, when we're watching the Daily Show she'll often clap or laugh out loud when the audience is particularly enthusiastic in either response. Not that she knows what for, but it is funny.

Just the other day, she and I were sitting on the patio swing. I held up one finger, she said "one." I did this for the other four and she "counted" all the way to five! We haven't started with numbers with her yet so apparently this knowledge came from or through day care. Quite a nice surprise.

In the meantime we're still working on colors. She often sticks with one for a few days at a time no matter what color the object is that she's queried about...

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