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Overdue Fine?
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So I'm sitting at my computer minding my own business when the following email arrives:

Hi Ken,

This is Steve, one of your AKD neighbors from the University of Stirling. I keep up with Chris and he gave me your email address. I hope you are doing well.

I am writing to say hello, but also to tell you that I have a book of yours:

"Scotland, Archaeology and Early History"
by Graham and Anna Richie.

I think you loaned this book to Annie at the end of the school year and she gave it to me to give back to you when she was leaving. You had already left to go home and I have kept it with my Stirling stuff ever since. Her note to you is still in the book. I would like to send the book to you if you would like to have it. Annie and I both went to St. Andrews in NC, but I have not seen her since I graduated in 1988.

I am living in Virginia presently and I keep up with Chris and Chuck periodically.
Thanks Ken.


Occasionally I have wondered about that book since I loaned it in 1987. Now I know. The power of the Interwebs strikes again!

I just need to track down Annie and charge her the overdue fine now and I'll be rich, rich, rich!


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