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Work: Construction to renovate the bookstore and eating establishments downstairs has started in earnest. This means a lot of noise and disruption for some of our staff, which causes stress all around. It's not bad in my office, though.

More work: We have about 50 people who work in the college. Last week one of them died unexpectedly (some sort of sudden illness apparently). Additional stress for a lot of people here.

Less work: My iMac's hard drive finally failed. It had been making a clunking sound every so often, so I knew it was coming and backed up most things. Still, my it was down for a couple days. I forgot about some preferences files, however, and even though I installed a new hard drive, and reinstalled most applications, everything's not yet just how it was. Stress for me!

WoW: The new patch allows characters to obtain a netherdrake to ride! They look cool. Myz has been working on the daily quests to be able to get one. These repeatable missions bring with them a fair amount of cash, so she's repaid her loan and made quite a lot more gold besides.

IVRPA: Conference starts tomorrow in Berkeley, goes through Tuesday. I expect to be inspired, as usual, and then not do much with it. My PedalPower print panorama has made the judge-decided finals. Members of IVRPA get to see and vote online for all submissions, of which there are about 150 for print and another 150 interactive. Will have to see about the final results for all categories.

Baby: Cuteness abounds! She's enjoying her new swimming play area a great deal every evening. New newest words are "too!," "turn," "sit," and "one... two... ten!"

She says "too" when she wants you to do something with her, such as get in the pool or get in the car. She says "turn" after she has climbed up onto her slide and wants you to take a turn as well, sitting in front of her so she can push you.

"Sit" she uses as she pats the floor next to her, so you can watch or help with Legos or other toys. Kelley can count all the way to ten, especially when guided, but if you just start pointing at things and counting one, two, she'll then jump to "ten!" very happily.

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