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A Little Ultimate
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A couple days ago one of my colleagues invited me to play ultimate frisbie with his nascent group during lunchtime on Friday. I said yes before remembering that I have no appropriate footwear, having left my last pair of running shoes in the dumpster in Bamborough last summer (they were nasty!).

Thursday's lunchtime saw me over to a nearby sporting goods store for some new shoes, and they worked out well today. We had four people on a side, but the playing area wasn't all that big, which is just as well given the heat of the day.

Shelley and I used to play ultimate regularly back in Ithaca and continued for a little bit once arrived out here, but eventually interest and/or opportunity waned and neither of us have done it in many years.

It's a great way to get some exercise and have fun at the same time, so I expect to continue with this group for a while. I do not like the heat, though, so if it's particularly hot out I will stay in and read a book instead.

(I happened to get invited because this guy and some other people were tossing around a disk one afternoon as I left campus for the car and happened to walk near where they were playing. They sent a frisbie flying my way and of course I had to show off with a fancy catch and behind-the-back return throw.)

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