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You Should See the Colosseum
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Larry had us play Colosseum on Saturday night. What a great game! It's a nice example of those one-play-must-have games that appear about once a year. Nice components, excellent rules, many options, very replayable. It's already on the games wishlist for future aquisition.

Both Saturday and Sunday we had a great time with Kelley in her wee swimming pool. SPLASHFEST for Daddy and Mommy and Baby and any- and everything nearby. Water was thrown. Clothes got wet - soaked! - and much scream-laughing was heard through the neighborhood.

Kelley's to the point now where she will brave putting her face into the water, although she hasn't got the hang of making noise by blowing into it while submerged, despite numerous demonstrations from parental units.

However, she does like to take a large plastic cup filled with water and pour it down her front, and throw her bunny and squirrel lawn ornaments into the water with a big splash! (Pics up in a couple days on Flickr.)

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