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Farenheit 111
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According to our outdoor thermometer, our yard reached 111 degrees on Saturday afternoon. Thankfully the electricity did not go out so our new $500 air conditioning unit repair did not go to waste. It would have cost a great deal more for a new unit - maybe ten times as much - and it would not have been available within hours. Every day last week has exceeded 100 degrees and we have more on the way.

We stayed in most of the weekend playing with baby (who now likes to help me play my Asteroids arcade game) or our online friends. Saturday, though, we played a great new game (for all of us at Larry's) called Age of Empires III: The Age of Discovery, which I won but not by much. Sunday we had four friends over for computer- and boardgaming.

Tomorrow morning I do have to report downtown for jury duty, potentially lasting a month. I'll be parking at the closest Metro station and taking the subway down to avoid traffic.

Meanwhile, at work, I'm depressed to say that the long-dreaded office shuffle's happening, and I don't know what I'll go back to. It won't be such a nice private office with large window. It's likely to be a private office, but in a relatively less desirable location. If so, I plan to request two telecommute days instead of one.

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