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Our electricity has gone out again for the second time today.

We're in the midst of a heat wave - 104 yesterday and today and projected for a week to go yet.

I'm writing this on the laptop, which can still connect to the 'net because the cable modem and wireless router are still powered by the UPS. We have one for each of our computers, and I can hear them in the other room peeping back and forth in a forlorn conversation. Soon they will grow frantic and let us know that we must turn them off.

Egads. Give me Iceland's summer climate over this.

Went to ride my bike home yesterday (in the heat) and found that it had picked up not one but two prickly thorns and my small hand pump would not inflate the spare. So Shelley came and got me and we had a nice dinner at Olive Garden with Kelley the pasta lover. We were involved in a conversation about leaving SoCal as we pulled into the garage at home, though, each of us forgetting my bike on the car-top carrier.

The garage caught it, of course, and sheared off the plastic straps holding the bike on, and tossed it to the cement driveway. All appeared okay with it last night, but it warrants a closer inspection in daylight to be sure the frame did not crack. I'll drive in tomorrow.

Oh yeah. Our air conditioning unit ain't working. Its fan seems to be defunct. We're having people come look at it tomorrow. The exterior unit's ancient, so if it's more than a simple motor problem, we're in for a heck of a bill.

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