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Walking the Light Fantastic
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Shelley made her best Thanksgiving turkey for us and several friends this year, but she couldn't enjoy it.

Kelley did pass her bug along: to me from Tuesday noon through Wednesday night and to Shelley Wednesday and Thursday. I stayed home from work on Wednesday and slept most of the day, to get rid of the fever and tiredness.

We had friends over for turkey and all the fixin's and good company on both Thursday and Friday, after warning them about the bug we had. Luckily it seems none of them caught it from us. Shelley did get to enjoy leftover turkey, but not the brined, moist, warm bird as it came out of the oven.

The DWP offered a walking-only presentation of their annual holiday light show this year, and we could not pass that up. Kelley didn't really seem all that interested in the lights, but the show is much more enjoyable on foot without all the cars. Their lights detract from it, and there's so many there creeping through that the smell of exhaust becomes most annoying.

Kelley enjoys the light tunnel. "Tunnel" is one of her new favorite words, for overpasses, her big cardboard box at home, a wrapping-paper tube for her cars, and anything else of the sort.

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