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Zierhut's Lost Treads
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The other day, while adventuring in one of the higher-level places in World of Warcraft, an item named Zierhut's Lost Treads appeared. The name prompted me to write to a guy I know from college gaming club with the last name of Zierhut, to see if he still games, or even plays WoW.

Turns out not only does he play, he actually works for the company as a game designer! And yes, those boots are named for him.

Last I knew he was still taking graduate classes at CSUN and working locally here as a high-school teacher. Guess I should keep in touch with more people from college.

Maybe we'll get together soon and see about getting something in the game named for Kelley! Anyway, it's exciting to find out about this. Couldn't believe it when he wrote back saying he worked there.

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