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Pop a Cap In His Mouth
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In all the Thanksgiving revelry and illness, I forgot to mention that I got my first real dentistry done!

One of my upper right molars decided to succumb to the powers of sugar and other modern foods, leaving my dentist with a grand opportunity to show of his prowess with drill and filler.

I guess this is my first cavity, although I'm not sure it can be defined as that - it might have been more of a filler to prevent cavities in the molar's grooves where those naughty bacteria decided to hang out and see what havoc they could get away with.

Anyway, he drilled a little (no painkiller or numbifier needed) and then applied some white capping stuff. No big deal.

More interestingly, we took Kelley to visit the dentist that same day so that she could be indoctrinated into the necessary procedures.

She and Shelley sat and watched my cleaning, then Kelley and I watched Shelley's. A giant mouth with teeth and overly large toothbrush held Kelley's attention more than our cleanings did, and later Kelley laid back on top of Shelley and let the hygienist clean her teeth! No fuss at all!

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