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There Goes the Neighbor
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Big moving truck next door this afternoon. Turns out the neighbor couple across the street has split, and the guy is moving out. I, for one, am not sad to see him and his *five* cars go!

No more of his plethora of vehicles being parked on the street in violation of code for weeks or months on end, no more of his truck blocking our view of traffic coming down the street, no more of some of his other annoyances. Good riddance.

As neighbors go, I've no doubt that it could have been much worse, but with just the wife in the house now the neighborhood atmosphere will improve. That's nice when we're trying to sell our house.

It is a wonder to us that they took this long. As I commented to Shelley a year or so ago: in eight years of living here, we *never* saw the two of them go anywhere together. If they left their house they each always took their own car and came and went alone. It seemed clear to me that they did not have a good relationship.

In other news...

Not much going on here. We're enjoying Kelley's wonderment of all the Xmas lights we strung up in and around the house. She comes home every night and oohs and aahs at them like she's never seen them before. It's most amusing.

Still on track with Cornell. They want to do a video conference interview soon, and if that goes well, an on-site visit.

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