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Villa Visit
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Mom and I drove down to Pacific Palisades to check out the Getty Villa, which has re-opened recently after a long renovation period.

Honestly, I found it underwhelming. As museums go, it came across as rather old-fashioned and typical. Various ancient Greek vases, broken Roman statues, and lots of other artifacts collected with no regard to context populate most of the galleries. Getty obtained most of his pieces some time ago so they're really just a bunch of looted old things in showcases.

Perhaps my opinion is colored by seeing much larger and better-documented antiquities in Cairo, Rome, and London, and by having visited ancient sites in person, where someone who hasn't done so would find more of interest in this museum.

Some of the more interesting items included treasures from horde of gold, and a special showing of ancient glass and modern replicas of it. However, having visited the Corning Glass Museum a few times, that exhibit lost some of its luster on me.

The villa itself is supposed to replicate ones from ancient times and its marble facade, mosaics, pools, and gardens are nice enough to spend some time in. Admission is free (although you have to pay for parking and obtain tickets in advance), so you might check it out if you want to get out of the house for a few hours. Beware that a soda, coffee, and small pasty will set you back just under $10 though!

A very delicate antiquity: a Roman glass hairpin!

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