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Here in the Ithaca area I visited three potential homes and drove by two others. Of the drive-bys, one turned out to be way too close to Rt. 13, as expected. The other turned out to be on a seasonally maintained road that I could not risk trying. It pisses me off that the listing failed to mention that little bit.

The one house visited yesterday is pretty nice, but it's spitting distance from a busy road, and the traffic can easily be heard inside even with all the windows shut. Pass.

The first house today has a spectacular view, a small pond, and some 60 acres of woods. But... it seems to have rather poor craftsmanship and showed a number of problems that would likely be indicative or larger trouble. And I do not want to buy trouble at this time. Weird stuff too: the front door and grand entryway are on the second floor, off a raised deck... but there's no way up to the deck! A side door from the inside opens out of the second floor with no stairwell, so you'd fall a story if you didn't look first. The back door (only way in) has a broken wooden stairwell and porch up on cinder blocks. Strange, weird place this one. Pass.

We're considering an offer on the second place I saw today, though. It hits about 90% of our criteria, the two lacking are cathedral ceilings and a view. It has good privacy, nine acres (most of it wooded, with a stream), lots of space, only nine years old, nothing at all wrong with it as far as I can see. It would be really nice place to have.

THE biggest problem is that there's no cable or DSL for broadband Internet access. It's a shame to have that be the show-stopper. I'll be calling to find out the cost of having cable laid to it. We could go with satellite TV, and even satellite Internet, but although the latter would probably work for web browsing and work-related stuff, it would likely mean no response-based games like WoW. Still, I would give up WoW to live here, I think, since it's that nice.

I'll look at a few more places next weekend to be sure this is *the one* in hopes of finding that last 10% of what we want.

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