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Even though my work will mostly revolve around Bedework, they gave me a small ColdFusion project to work on too. And it's now done. ColdFusion is a web-server technology analogous to PHP or ASP: web pages have script components built into them, and then the server executes them as it generates the page.

The project was to fix a number of inconsistencies in left-side navigation areas of a number of pages, which I did by building some arrays and nested loops to generate the menus rather than rely on hand coding them all. We'll see what they think about it tomorrow (it was completed after most people left for the day), but they should be happy.

Before heading in to work this morning I drove through a number of micro snow squalls, the kind where you have large, soft flakes falling through low-level sulight and alighting gently on trees and swirling through the air. My absolute favorite kind of snow.

The purpose of this early trip was to drive by a potential house, in order to put my mind at ease a little, because apparently the nice house we like will have an offer made on it tonight. Our agent said we could make an offer too, but we have decided that we don't want to be so rushed, despite the place's appealing nature.

If no offer is made - or it is rejected - we may reconsider the place, but at the moment we're going to not bid because the neighbor/former owner's new house is just a little too close (and what's seen from the main large windows on both floors), is a bit far from campus, and has no Internet access.

Anyway, this potential new place was too shrouded in trees to see... but that's good. Will try to see it up close and inside on the weekend.

In other news... we've already had an inquiry about the house we're selling, and it's not even in the MLS yet.

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