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If Only Houses Sold This Fast
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We put up for sale our red Honda Accord wagon on free Craigslist about an hour ago. I've already had six people email to ask to come take a look at it, and one already has test driven it.


That person decided she did not want to pay the asking price and would give me a wad o' cash to take it immediately. I told her that we have five people waiting, so I wasn't going to lower the price until they've seen it. They tried the offer again, I repeated my statement, and she passed.

If the other five (and any others that come in the meantime) won't pay asking, I'll give her another ring but at this point the sheer amount of interest makes me optimistic.

We also listed a large dog crate, drafting table, and old SCUBA tanks. No queries about them yet. At least Craigslist is free so no harm in using it to get the word out!

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