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XX Marks the Spot
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Not sure what we're going to name Baby XX yet, but the first thing I thought of was Amber Kelley (Brenda suggested it as well :). But that probably won't be our final choice. We've got months to decide on a name and we'll see what we come up with. Shen is right out.

No sleep for me last night. Racing brain, stress, all that kind of thing, so I literally had no sleep. Did some reading, eating, WoWing, and coding through the night. Tired now, but will hang in through a normal bedtime, else will get way off schedule.

Bought a small portable DVD player to hang on the back of the car seat for the cross-country drive. Kelley's into the Backyardigans now, so with those burned to DVD from TiVo, and some Netflix movies, and some flicks we own, we may have enough to keep her entertained for a day or so.

Someone scheduled to visit the house cancelled at the last moment. We have someone else tomorrow, and another open house on Sunday. The stock market provided good hope today: Google blew away estimates with their earnings from online ads and the whole market went way up.

We need more of that. Much more. Defeat this self-fulfilling prophecy! Stamp out sheep-mindedness!

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