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Gobble Gobble
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Last week one day before work, as I sat at my computer reading email, I heard some gobbling coming from not far away. Turning around I beheld a small flock of turkeys: three hens and a courting male. They meandered across the pasture and eventually of our sight.

We've seen a few deer further away, too. Yesterday Shelley spied one walking warily across the lower area and tried to get Kelly to see it, but it was too far away and not moving fast enough for that to happen. But Shelley also noticed a tiny head behind the doe: apparently a wee fawn trailing along.

Sunday morning I put a pair of mallards off the lower pond while down there, and we've got many kinds of birds around. I had forgotten the distinctive call of the blue jay, but we have one visiting our feeder to remind us of it.

Our lower pond is filled with pollywogs and brown salamanders. The upper pond has enough peepers that their calls make it into the house even with all doors and windows closed. We've seen some bright red salamanders in the field.

And everything is so green!

Don't mind us, just passing through.

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