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20th Cornell Reunion
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Although I officially graduated from Cornell in 1989, the alumni folks think I'm Class of '88 (I started in '84 and went five years), so this weekend was my twentieth reunion.


Oh, and YIKES!

Anyway, yesterday night our plans went slightly askew so we all ended up at gaming. Shelley played Imperial while Kelley and I wandered around and had a great deal of fun.

Let's see... she and I played with the black metal chain fence and the large stone benches by the library, walked down the slop, amused ourselves with the temporary Nylon string fence there, ran back *up* the slope, watched bunnies and squirrels, then the sunset. After that we listened to the bell tower chimes, had a grass fight, and tried to find mommy a soda.

Not long after, we rode the alligator (elevator) up and down many, many times and played with chalk in the classrooms - near the end of the evening I was standing Kelley on the chalk tray and tracing her entire body on the blackboard with chalk - she loved that. We also waited in line at the hot truck, which came up to the Arts Quad for reunion, and had a late-night snack of PMP like the old days.

Kelley found all this a new experience so even though she had no nap and stayed up way past her bedtime we did not experience a meltdown from her.

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