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Some Cornell Panoramas
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The panoramas on Cornell's virtual tour web site aren't the best in the world, so I've volunteered to (re)shoot the whole place as time and budget allow.

They gave me a list of several sites to shoot right away, so on May 25 and 28 I spent some time outside - after waiting a number of days for nice weather - and made 23 QTVR panos.

During this work I found a new piece of software that automatically combines bracketed sets of photos to produce high-dynamic range panos. Thus, with one click of the camera shutter button, I get (essentially) a light, medium, and dark exposure.

The software blends all three to produce a panorama that's exposed correctly for each area, so facing a building while in its shadow, for example, will not be a choice between underexposing the building or overexposing the surroundings in the sunlight: you get both at once now. Likewise, this works for low-light interiors with high-contrast, bright windows.

The software does a *fabulous* job with this tough problem, unlike previously tried packages. You can see the effect in the panos of Barnes Hall and Sage Chapel Tombs.

You can see them at my Sir Round site in their full-screen glory.

At the moment they've been using only small versions, but I suspect they'll want the big ones too, once they've seen them.

With luck they'll want more sooner rather than later, and perhaps I'll actually get some sun during the summer rather than having to stay indoors the whole time.

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