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For some time I've been trying to track down a book that I read back in the late '70s or early '80s. To-date all the power of the Interwebtube search engines has not been enough to let me find it.

Not that I can blame them... my mind's-eye details have been too sparse.

However, today I found a new place to try: Booksleuth. Just enter as many details as you can into the appropriate genre section and see whether others recognize it.

My post into science fiction:

Back in the late '70s or early '80s (as a teenager) I read a hardcover book (from a public library) that I'd dearly like to find again, but alas, I can recall too few details to find it with search engines. So I turn to this forum for help.

-Set in the asteroid belt
-Probably "young adult"
-Believe that the hero was called a "spacer"
-Believe that there was an ongoing war between spacers and another group, possibly pirates, in the asteroid belt

Within an hour and a half there were four replies from three people discussing two possibilities. I looked them both up and had the pleasant Christmas Day chills of believing my quest had ended.

I've ordered a $3.00 copy of "Raiders From the Rings" by Edward Nourse to confirm it (no local libraries had copies).

No doubt that this piece of literature won't hold up well compared to today's but I really don't care. For some reason it is part of my core, so I need to have it.

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