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Dryden Dairy Day
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We enjoyed a morning out in Dryden yesterday, to attend their annual Dairy Day. Festivities started with a small-town parade, which Kelley quite liked - especially the fire trucks and big rigs sounding their sirens and horns.

After that, we sauntered to the nearby park where they had the usual sorts of booths with food, small games, fire dept. hand-outs, and all that sort of thing.

Kelley got to pet some sheep and a HUGE cow - actually it frightened her too much - and run around on a playground set and go really high on a swing (with daddy's help). Oh, and dance quite enthusiastically to some fiddle music.

She also discovered that she likes strawberry ice cream!

We had good friends over for dinner both last night and tonight. During the day we hung up many of the remaining pictures / photos so the place almost looks like we've arrived.

Somewhat bad and strange news from the California front: apparently some people have been pulling their car into our driveway (just off the road) at night, then waiting for the automatic spotlight on our garage to turn itself off, then enjoying themselves. Our neighbors have found used condoms in the bushes alongside the driveway or house.

We're not sure what to do - the real estate agent and neighbor looked at the light to see whether its time could be set, but they found no solution. We may try just putting in a very bright, energy-efficient light in the outside lamp-post and just leaving it on all the time in hopes that it will discourage these activities.

If I had the money and time I'd fly out and be a little more creative in response when they show up the next time.

Watching the parade despite the light rain.

Petting a white and brown lamb.

Baby's first ice-cream cone!

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