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Trip to Delhi
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Today my project manager and I drove over to SUNY Delhi to present our recent calendaring-system work at a small conference.

Delhi's a little state campus tucked away amongst green hills and dales. A nice place to visit, a bit rural even for me I reckon.

We scored about 25% of the attendees come to our presentation, which means we had nine bodies watching us. Woo.

Anyway, there and back, nice day trip out of the office.

Back in Ithaca, I met up with the girls and Bob and Helen and Adam for watching the Ithaca Festival parade. It rained a bit, but we survived and the parade didn't stop.

If you ever want an overview of the various alternative lifestyles in the Ithaca area, come watch the parade.

Many parades feature local high-school marching bands. Fire trucks from communities near and far. Local veterans groups. All that sort of thing.

Not this one... no way. Certainly not the veterans! Anti-war poster people yes, marching soldiers... not so much.

Some impressive unicyclers. Lots of people with messages. Eccentrics, of course. I had no camera to shoot anything today, unfortunately.

Perhaps the best came last: a chainsaw-wielding bunch of good ol' boys. Rev, rev, REV... vroooom, rooom, roooooom!

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