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Oh ISP How I Hate Thee
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Well I had been planning to get a lot done on my game this weekend. But the ISP hosting it isn't as reliable as one might hope. Far too many times the site's sluggish, if not having technical problems of one sort or another. Like last night and right now, and once or twice earlier this week too. That makes progress tough.

I've had enough, and have signed up with a new service. I should have been more wary of "EZ-Web-Hosting" way back when, but at the time they had a good deal and they were one of the few places that would let me run Perl scripts.

Sheer inertia kept me from going earlier, but I'm now moving files as I compose this entry. I've got tons of journal photos, big panoramas, all kinds of things. Some of them probably won't be copied to the new server, but at least all of the journal images will be.

I'll let the old account run one more month on the existing server so that I can phase everyone off of it gracefully. With luck and some hard work I hope to have the new version of the game up and running by the end of July.

Oh, and the new place costs less than 50% of the old one. I hope they're no worse.

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