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Unsolicited Offer
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Back in the early days of the Internet, some folks apparently made bushels of money by registering themselves as owners of name-brand web addresses, then waiting for the trademark owners to come begging to buy these domain names once they realized this Internet thing was going to catch on.

After a while this source of revenue dried up as the big companies started to fight these so-called cyber squatters and courts got involved and the practice was recognized for what it truly was: a kind of extortion.

However, these days it's still possible to register domain names that you think might someday be desirable to someone, or just luck out that one you own happens to be the subject of an unsolicited offer.

You may have noticed recently a lot of companies tacking "360" on to their names, products, or services. Several years ago I did that too, for my panorama photography endeavour. I never did use that name much, but kept it registered and pointing to Sir Round just in case someone came across an old web page.

Well... it turns out there's this British company that makes real estate software, and they want to buy my domain name. For a low-four-figure sum. I've agreed, so we need to figure out how to make it happen: probably just need to use some sort of escrow service. There's a nice spot of luck to carry us along a bit.

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