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Baby's First Demolition Derby
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We're just back from the Broome County Fair, just over in Whitney Point.

Not a bad place: several animal barns, one or two of arts and crafts, a midway with carnival games and rides, lots of food booths both local and on wheels, vendor tents and displays, a grandstand, and a track. All the usual small-county-fair types of things.

We found out that Kelley quite likes various rides now. We bought enough tickets for four rides, and she chose which to try: a train (actually big rigs hooked together and looking much like a train), cars, a big slide/climbing rig, and the merry-go-round. Daddy got to go with her on most of them this time; usually Mommy does, but with Mommy in the family way, she stayed on the ground and took the pictures today.

For the highlight of the evening we enjoyed four bouts of a demolition derby. First we had the trucks event, but just two of them. Next we had fireman drivers, then the women drivers event. Finally, the finals from earlier in the week for 8-cylindar cars.

Uncertain about how Kelley would take the show, we sat quite far down on the side for ease of escape. It turns out that she liked the experience - all the cars got broken, no work any more - even though the decibels went through the roof: lots of loud engines.

Before the event they watered down the track, making it a total mud hole. That caused the cars to spin a lot, not get much traction (reducing impact speeds), and slip and slide all over the place. Some low-seated center-stage audience members went home with free mud baths as a result.

Shelley had never seen one of these before either. She intends to see more. :-)

Kelley takes the wheel in a big rig ride.

And now solo in her own car. (Yellow!)

Gotta root for 69!

Post-mortem visit.

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