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Loving the Campus PO
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The campus Post Office here is so nice!

Go over and hand them a package and say media rate, please...

And they do it, and you pay, and you're done.

You do not have to answer any of the following questions (even if you already said "no special services, just this"):

1) What's in the package?
2) Do you want tracking?
3) Do you want confirmation of delivery?
4) Do you want insurance?
5) Do you know that we accept credit cards now?
6) Do you want stamps?

Which leaves you feeling: For the love of all that is lovable, just freakin' do what I asked in the first place and get me out of here! If I had wanted those things I would have asked for them!

So anyway, I told them how pleasant it was to do business with them rather than the regular US Post Offices. They said that they feel that people will ask for the other stuff if they want any of it. They don't push to sell.

May it long stay that way.

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