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The word for "eight" in Chinese sounds similar to the word which means "prosper" or "wealth," and for us it's just as lucky.

We received our "clean" house offer and have accepted it. We expect, now, to close within 30 days. All the financing looks good. It would be a relief to end all this, even though it's really not been all that long, all things considered. According to recent numbers for comparable sales in the area, we're pretty much in the middle by any metric.

Even though it's only the seventh here, it was 08/08/08 in China when the offer arrived, and we're sending the acceptance back tomorrow when it's the eighth here.

We aren't spending any money until all the checks clear and I can make a screenshot of our bank account, so let's just keep all digits crossed for a few weeks.

Off now to pack up my desktop system to take to campus tomorrow. I'm showing off the entire process of making high-resolution QTVR panoramas to the University Photography staff, in hopes they will provide such a service for the campus when units want in-depth coverage in this medium.

In the meantime my unit's looking into purchasing the gear and software to cover the campus broadly, and if we can get it I'll be the head of that endeavour, and trains others to do it. In the meantime, I'll use my own stuff and do a little each week. On Tuesday I shot some QTVRs of the Plantations gardens - a nice day to be outside for a couple hours doing that work.

PS. On the drive home, as we neared our house, there was a huge, complete, rainbow spanning the road and leading right to our new place.

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